Application Lifecycle Management for Office365

Establish trust between users and admins while extending SharePoint!

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LeapALM brings a proven Application Lifecycle Management model to Office365. It provides a platform where SharePoint Framework (SPFx) customizations can be validated, approved and deployed across your DTAP quickly while adhering to your companies best practices and development guidelines.

Why Use LeapALM?

Administrators can logically group DTAP site collections into a single application to manage customizations.

Users can validate their SPFx code using Rencore SPCAF tool directly in LeapALM without the need for client licenses.

A two-step validation process ensures codes changes deployed in Production have been properly verified.

Administrators collaborate with Developers on a single platform during the application lifecycle without having to grant elevated privileges in SharePoint

LeapALM provides role-specific dashboards to easily track and monitor relevant actions and changes in SharePoint.

SPFx ALM for Office 365

LeapALM is the first service to bring the benefits of a DTAP based solution deployment model to Office365. It enables you to transition solution assets (Libraries, Lists, Workflows and Pages) between sites hosted on one or more Office365 tenants.

Built for Business

Designed for the business, it enables you to quickly roll out the self service capabilities needed to support enterprise class governance of custom solutions on Office365

Built for IT

Designed for IT , it ensures that O365 Tenant admins are engaged throughout the lifecycle of a SharePoint extension while having great visibility on all changes in their SharePoint environments

Fast, Agile & Stable

Adopting the Office365 platform for business solutions is key to fully realizing your return on investment. Building fast, and then adapting fast is essential, but requires a mature ALM process to maintain stability. LeapALM gets you there.

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